The New Political Spending Index

Get the most detailed political spending data available anywhere.

What is it?

The Political Spending Index™ (PSI) lets you easily vet and compare the politics of large public and private companies. The scores measure how much a company and its senior executives contribute to each political party as compared to more than 1,500 other companies. Currently we provide one overall PSI score and four subcategories: Democrat, Republican, PAC, and Managers & Executives.

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Why do I need it?

Vet your investments. Vet your employer. Vet your sales targets. Or vet your own company’s spending against its competitors. Companies donate money to political candidates for influence; with our index scores, you can now know who’s spent the most compared to peers, and on which sides of the political aisle. Our easy-to-use dashboard even breaks scores down by industry sector and political party.

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