Data Collection & Terms of Use


The data used to calculate the Political Spending Index™ is compiled by Goods Unite Us, Inc., a political transparency company located in Madison, Wisconsin. Goods Unite Us was founded in 2017 and maintains a separate website and app, which provides consumers with political information about the products they buy. The research team at Goods Unite Us has spent thousands (if not tens of thousands) of hours since 2017 hand-curating its data set of political donation information.

All of the political donation information used for the PSI scores comes from Federal Election Commission reports. The PSI scores are based on company and management/executive donations to political action committees and federal political candidates. The scores are based on the donations made since 2013 (over the last three election cycles) plus donations made to date in this election cycle (2020). Goods Unite Us is constantly scouring the Federal Election Commission data to update the scores and add companies after new data becomes available. We update the PSI scores and/or add new company scores at least weekly, so please check back frequently.


Data available on this website is owned exclusively by Goods Unite Us, Inc. and cannot be copied, downloaded, or reproduced anywhere, in any form, without the express written consent of Goods Unite Us, Inc. All subscriptions sold through this platform are intended for individual, non-corporate use. Individual subscribers may use the information contained on this website to inform their own personal business decisions; however, the information may not be shared with any third-parties or used by brokers or agents for any purpose other than to manage their own personal portfolios. If you are a broker, fund manager, agent, or would like to use our data for any company or business purpose, please contact us at [email protected] to obtain separate data licensing rates.